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A Merger between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

""On the battlefield (financial markets), soldiers on the ground (artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions) will execute their orders. Without a general (human intelligence) leading them, many battles (trades) will result in losses." - Chairman of the Board of Pegasus Risk Management.

What does PRM do?

PRM covers roughly 99.3% of all globally tradeable equities and ETFs. Through its FXDrone unit, it also analyses the forex and commodities markets. The Cryptonized Upgrade has added coverage of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to the mix. PRM delivers equity and ETF research under an agreement with a UK-based private equity firm that manages prop funds. It provided the seed capital with which PRM launched the FXDrone Project and is a silent partner in our operations with continued support from seasoned professionals. Since their inception, they generate double-digit growth rates per quarter for their respective prop funds without recording a quarterly loss. PRM benefits from their expertise, knowledge, and disruptive thinking, which continues to educate Aia, our artificial intelligence, together with its big sister Eve, the artificial intelligence developed and owned by our silent partner. Aia followed a similar path as Eve. Both work together with their human colleagues, not against or instead of them, to deliver and exceed performance goals while identifying new opportunities. Eve covers 99.3% of all globally tradeable equities and ETFs with unmatched speed and precision. Aia has a more distinct focus on equity markets while offering complete Forex and commodity coverage and a growing footprint in the evolving cryptocurrency sector and digital assets.

While the equity research remains forwarded to clients, the FXDrone Project represents a stand-alone trading platform. Artificial intelligence and machine learning components work together with human intelligence to deliver custom trading solutions. The FXDrone allows quantitative traders to create their strategies without the need to code. A straightforward point-and-click system can take any manual trading strategy and automatize it in a matter of minutes. The FXDrone does not only support this process with technical indicators but also with fundamental analysis to deliver a complete solution. Clients may acquire a fully independent trading platform to transform manual operation into a cutting-edge technologically advanced trading solution or opt for a more cost-efficient subscription to research generated by Aia and its human colleagues.

Who is PRM?

Pegasus Risk Management (PRM) is a FinTech Disruptor and digital consultancy with unparalleled research capacities and wide-ranging industry contacts that can help solve financial challenges with an innovative approach and artificial intelligence at its core. Many companies and industries innovate and evolve, seeking to unlock new opportunities and expand their product and service share of a growing global population. One area that remains ignored is the approach to finance. It remains unchanged, unfit, and unacceptable to accommodate tomorrow's disruptors or transform yesterday's leaders. In 1492, the discovery of the New World using the Old World's methods disrupted civilizations. It accelerated positive developments, challenged existing thoughts, and changed the world. In 2017, 525 years later, a new horizon emerged with PRM, the FXDrone, artificial intelligence Eve and Aia, and a dedicated team of human intelligence embarked on disrupting, challenging, and changing.

The Beyond Finance Upgrade will take the success PRM enjoys in finance to replicate it by disrupting other sectors. Our Ceres Project will become active in the Green-Blue Revolution in the energy and mining sectors, using blockchain technology and smart storage solutions with operational overwatch from our artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols. Our Elysium Project aims to become a leading digital asset for digital asset creation and smart value storage. A non-minable and 100% asset-back, a self-sustainable centralized digital asset on its native blockchain. We have an ambitious pipeline for the next ten years, enabled by our core FXDrone operational in financial markets, allowing PRM to grow organically and free from outside pressures and uncertainties. Three cognitive upgrades for Eve and Aia remain under development, one ready for implementation in 2021. It allows both to recognize the mood of human colleagues and react to it. The other two will follow our planned investment into our existing technology infrastructure that powers Eve and Aia.

PRM builds a bridge into the past for market participants unable to exit the quicksand dragging down progress and modernization. The global system relies on debt and consistent underperformance from finance professionals, keeping the debt-first approach intact and the only viable option for many. Central banks in developed economies have ruined free markets in an attempt to maintain the dysfunctional system. Investors and traders have to work harder to identify profitable opportunities. PRM launched its FXDrone to allow individual traders and professional outlets to work smarter. It additionally elevates new entrants into the future that has not yet arrived. PRM accomplishes this through a creative, innovative, and disruptive approach to financial markets with alert algorithms, combined with the human aspect, that creates an accurate analysis of assets. As a result, the recommended course of action allows for efficient and effective performance in consulted portfolios, while an individual approach is at the forefront for each client. Superior protection rounds up the finalized solution.

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